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High Risk

Union Buster

Allan Block


Have you seen this evil millionaire?

Name: Allan Block

Occupation: Chairman and CEO, Block Communications, Inc.

Status: Union Buster

Allan Block just so happens to be one of the country’s most ruthless union busters. He refuses to settle a strike at his newspaper in Pittsburgh over pennies on the dollar, and would rather spend millions on out-of-town, union busting attorneys to squash workers’ rights.

Instead of bargaining in good faith with journalists who won his newspaper a Pulitzer Prize, Allan breaks federal labor law and sits in Toledo with his fortune, unwilling to do what’s ethical.

Union workers at the Post-Gazette are fighting for a fair contract. Allan is fighting to break them.


Bargain in good faith with your workers and stop trying to bust the unions!

Support Striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers

The workers who are responsible for designing, printing, distributing, advertising sales, accounts receivable, and content creation for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are on strike. They have not had a pay raise in over 15 years and went on strike over the illegal, unilateral cuts to their healthcare made by the Block family -- the Toledo-based, millionaire owners of the paper.